Detailed Data & Reporting

Effective safety policy begins with clear and accurate data. Keeping your
data consistent and free of errors and duplications is now quick work thanks to our advanced data cleansing functionality.

Accurate Risk Assessment

Risks need to be known and understood before they can be controlled. Apply pre and post-control risk ratings to individual hazards, and select which controls are mandatory vs. optional. Added flexibility allows you to drag controls up and down the page to create custom hierarchies.

Streamlined Process for SWMS

Take a commanding view of your entire SWMS ecosystem. Now you can easily view and track multiple job steps, each with its own linked hierarchy of hazards, risks and controls. All on a single, easy to use dashboard.

Perfect Synergy

The flow of critical new information has never been smoother. Our desktop SWMS software seamlessly connects to our JRA management iPad app to provide real-time SWMS updates, mandatory checklists, safe processes and
compliance confirmation with evidence.

Experience The Future of SWMS and JRA Management

When you think of the typical SWMS process, what comes to mind? For most safety & compliance professionals, spending hours on end slowly putting together clunky MS Word documents based on inconsistent data are the norm. This outdated process ultimately produces JRA’s that are largely ineffective in the field, resulting in poor compliance and compromised worker safety.

Here at TBF Consulting, we believe that traditional SWMS & JRA practices are in desperate need of a 21st century overhaul, and our class leading software has been engineered from the ground up to accomplish exactly that.

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  • Unlimited SWMS
    • Create powerful SWMS, Jobs and Hazard libraries.
    • Create SWMS for every job type. Super fast!
  • Instantly create an entire SWMS catalog directly from Excel.
  • Create JRA’s with just a few clicks.
    • Onsite or off site editing and completion pf JRAs.
    • Online and offline. No internet connection doesn’t matter. Access the library downloaded to your device, including new JRA’s.
    • Save to your device. The records will be updated when you’re back online.
  • Record all your safety activity by video or photo.
  • Store records of every job.
  • Never fear a safety audit again.

SWMS & JRA’s That Actually Work

When it comes to keeping workers safe in hazardous environments, the only safety protocol that matters is the one that’s actually implemented and followed, which is why our software was purposefully designed to ensure maximum usability and compliance in the field.

We’ve cut the time required to draft a JRA in half through the clever use of easily modifiable templates, and removed any ambiguity about which controls are mandatory vs. optional with One-Click Control Implementation and clearly defined control tags.

Accurately identifying job hazards is a critical aspect of job site safety, and the JRA’s built on our platform leave nothing to chance. Hazards can now be clearly defined with photo and video support evidence, and permanent records of every job can be easily generated to measure consistency and compliance.

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Import Directly From Microsoft Office

We understand that while old-school Word Docs are terribly suited for SWMS & JRA work with their lack of flexibility and job enhancing features, they’ve still been the go-to software for so long that many safety & compliance professionals will be reluctant to switch to any new platform, no matter how superior it is, for fear of losing all their past JRA’s. Fortunately, this is not an issue with our software, as it allows you to seamlessly import all your archived documents from MS Word directly into the tool for immediate use. No coding, no formatting, no fuss.


Set Up or Modify New JRA’s in Minutes

Your time is valuable, and when a new project comes in, you need to be up and running with clearly defined SWMS and effective, actionable JRA’s as soon as possible. With our software, generating complete JRA’s is fast and easy. By seamlessly pulling from existing template libraries, you can quickly re-use or put together new JRA’s for immediate use instead of starting from scratch every time.

We know that no matter how well prepared you are, situations can change and you need to be able to adapt quickly and effectively. Our software allows you to promptly stop process in the event of unexpected hazards and implement approvals to proceed, as well as easily modify your JRA in a matter of minutes, no matter where you are. It doesn’t matter of you’re online or offline, at the job site or in the office, you’ll always be in full control of your safety protocols.


Maximize Compliance

Compliance begins with a clear, well-crafted JRA. Our software enables you to clearly tag controls as “mandatory” or “optional”, select specific users to assign jobs to, and save permanent records of every job to measure performance and set benchmarks for the future. We’ve also made it easy to hand off Incomplete JRA’s to new managers, keeping your job moving forward regardless of personnel changes.

Clarity and usability like this takes all the guesswork out of workplace safety, and virtually guarantees higher compliance rates compared to confusing, outdated JRA platforms that are difficult to work with and unresponsive to changing environments.


Unbeatable Versatility

The TBF Consulting SWMS/JRA Management Software is a streamlined solution for all your hierarchically structured role and task based activities. This goes beyond SWMS and JRA’s, and also extends to general task management, and SOP’s of any kind.

Instead of dealing with multiple programs, platforms and file formats for your SWMS & JRA needs, imagine the efficiency of being able to rely on a single, versatile tool that not only puts you in complete command of all your safety control processes, but can also be used for a much broader range of task based processes. Here at TBF Consulting, we’ve been working hard to make that dream a reality.

Proven Benefits Every Step of The Way

Discover just how fast and easy it can be to generate and manage high quality SWMS and JRA’s for any situation.


It all starts with a clearly laid out SWMS. With our software, you can choose to create a new SWMS using our built-in tools, or search for and easily edit any existing SWMS from your personal library stored on the digital platform. These comprehensive libraries are maintained for each element of the SWMS process including job steps, hazards, risks & controls, and are accessible online anytime you need them

Intelligent connectivity is at the heart of our software platform. Once your SWMS is complete, the SWMS Management tool feeds directly into our JRA Management iPad app, allowing your team to receive real-time SWMS updates on the job site. Now you can quickly deliver mandatory checklists to onsite managers, complete with built-in compliance confirmation functionality.

When it comes to keeping workers safe, we understand the vital importance of being able to accurately identify, analyze and report on any potential hazards at the job site, which is why our software allows you to assign clear risk ratings to hazards at both the pre-risk and post-control stages. You’ll also have the added flexibility of being able to drag different controls up and down the page to build a custom hierarchy.

With clear, actionable SWMS and JRA’s in place, your crews can work confidently and safely. But situations can change in the blink of an eye, and you need to be able to take fast, effective action to keep your workers safe and your project on track. With that in mind, we designed our JRA Management software to be easy to use on site. Online or offline, you’ll be able to save comments, mark controls as complete, add or remove entire hazard hierarchies, and most importantly, add new controls and risks on the fly as they come up.

If you’re ready to take full control of your Safety & Compliance process, and revolutionize the way your organization generates and utilizes SWMS & JRA’s, click the link below to get started. We’re confident that once you’ve experienced the amazing benefits of efficient, intuitive, fully connected solutions for SWMS & JRA’s, you’ll never look back, and your workers will be a lot safer for it