Tenbagsfull Introduces SWMS/JRA Management Software


Tenbagsfull Introduces SWMS/JRA Management Software

Tenbagsfull is delighted to introduce our breakthrough software, specifically tailored to more efficiently and effectively manage Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and associated Job Risk Assessments (JRA) also known as Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

Our use of libraries and templates allows users to instantly set up JRAs and with minimal effort, modify them for site specific safety management.

Many organisations currently use and re-use word documents or other highly manual, unautomated processes. These methods are time consuming, prone to error difficult to maintain, don’t support standardisation and in the end result in more costly, less effective outcomes and create disincentives for employees to properly adhere to safety procedures.

To arrange a demonstration, please contact sales@tenbagsfull.com.au